Young Woman to Motherhood

From the “girl I’m pregnant” call/texts to hospital visits and even being present during delivery. I’ve been fortunate to witness a few of my friends make this very crucial transformation from young women to motherhood. I remember a particular encounter with a girlfriend and her newborn. They had been home for about a week and I was visiting with them. During my stay, I witnessed something quite magical. She had transformed from this beautiful young woman to an amazing mother. I saw a side of my friend I had never seen before. She gazed at her baby like one would a rare precious stone. She gently held and soothed her newborn like she was holding her most prized possession. She protected her baby like a mother hen would its eggs. Although she still felt some discomfort from her delivery, she performed her motherly duties like she’d done it for years. I remember thinking How? How, and when did my friend learn how to be somebody’s mother? “When you realize someone that you created is depending on you, you just do it!” Is what she said on her transformation to motherhood. I guess that’s what mothers do-whatever they have to do for their precious child(ren). I applaud all moms, but especially all of you first time mothers. You  make the transformation to motherhood look effortless. You inspire many. I wanted to celebrate my own mom (who made her transition to motherhood many years ago) and these awesome moms.

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother -Oprah Winfrey

A special thanks to our photographer Rob Andres (@mplsrob), all of the beautiful moms and their babies pictured below. 🤗



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