Syle vs Comfort: Why not both?

Happy Monday folks! I had the honor of witnessing a high school friend say I do this weekend. Let me tell you, it was beautiful and I had a blast! Somehow, I still managed to leave with my shoes on at end of the night. (Yes, girl!)

I find weddings to be one of the most difficult events to dress for. This is because it’s very tricky to balance being stylish and comfortable. Well I would say I managed to do both with this look. This off shoulder, a line mini dress allowed me to move freely on the dance floor and it was  pretty accommodating to my dinner too. 😋 I paired this dress with a similar color blocked heeled sandals, which turned out to be the most comfortable shoes ever. Given the subtleness of the dress, shoes and makeup. I opted to make a statement with my unusually straight hair. Thoughts?

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