• Hi guys!

I’m back with another post. Thought I’d share this simple yet fierce summer look with you all. I wore this look to my now favorite Saturday brunch spot here in Minneapolis. Oh was it a fun day!  While I was super comfortable in  my simple t-shirt, my fierce leather skirt and high heels had me sitting with my legs crossed while sipping on some memosas. Oh yes, I was feeling fancy! We all choose the clothes we wear for various reasons. For me, many days I dress according to my mood. Sometimes I dress to enhance my mood! I encourage you all to identify those pieces of clothing, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry-whatever it is that makes you feel good- and reach for it more often than not! Because I’ve notice when you wear what makes you feel good, not only do you enhance your own mood, you radiate confidence and good vibes.

Also, you can easily turn this into a fall look by doing one of these three things.

1. Replacing the t-shirt with a bold ( mustard, green, burgundy colored) sweater.

2. Just adding an oversized denim jacket.

3. Do your own thing! (;


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