5 Easy & Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about those last minute gifts. I’ve put together a quick list that’s easy, affordable and will put a smile on mom’s face.

1. A Framed Photograph : Remember that selfie you took with your siblings at thankgiving? Or that really funny picture of your kid(s)? Yes, you know where I’m going with this. Dig up a photograph, have it printed at your local drug store. You can either pick up a frame from there or I would suggest a store like Tjmaxx/Homegoods/Hobby lobby for more selection on frames. Wrap it up in some tissue paper (use the same ones the frame came wrapped in) put it in a cute lil gift bag and watch her face light up as she opens it.

2. Cute Saying: AKA memes. They’re everywhere! They range from wall hangings to a cute lil desk display. There are ones that will make her literary LOL and others that will bring warmth and joy to her heart-and put a smile on her face!

3. Dinnerware: A nice set of tea/ coffee cups says “you’re special mom, have some time to yourself and drink tee/coffee out of this fancy cup”.

Bonus: you can even write this in a card, we don’t mind!

4. Faux flowers: Yes you read rite! These will last her more than a week. We also like that there’s no maintenance required (who wants more work) and they can be multifunctional. Just leave it up to mom, she’ll put it to good use!
5. Real flowers with a twist: If you can’t get down with the faux flowers, real ones are ok too. In fact it’s probably one of the top go to Mother’s Day gift ideas. Make mom feel special by Writing something unique, caring, funny, inspiring, on the little card that comes with her bouquet and encourage her to carry it in her wallet.

Purchased from Tjmaxx and Target

A Framed photograph of my mom, brother and I we took a while back. Notice we’re mid laughter, it doesn’t have to be a perfect picture. That’s what makes it unique.

    A cute saying. This one is perfect for the mother who made your mother, aka grandma! I found this gem at Hobby Lobby.

Dinnerware. Cutest tea/coffee cups, also at Hobby Lobby.

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